Buddy Club P-1 Racing Camber Kit

The Buddy Club P1-RACING Camber Kit is specially designed for double-A suspension. Sophisticated design makes alignment more accurate. With the camber angle adjustment, the car will be more stable on the straight and has better control in the corner. The camber kit is made of light weight high strength materials with precise manufacturing process. With many years of racing experience and numerous testing, the camber kit has extremely good performance and quality.

The center section of the general camber kit is the weakest area; it could easily be distorted when the locking screw is tightening too hard.

Buddy Club Camber kit use the special reinforced solid design which dramatically increase the strength of the camber kit.

By using low profile joint, the P1-racing camber kit provides 5mm more clearance between the top of the camber kit and bottom of the strut tower. The low profile joint also featires cadmium plating for additional corrosion resistance.

Standard camber kit does not have the reinforcement in the center area which can cause distortion when tightening the locking screw too hard or under severe stress. This may lead to accident or damage to other components on the vehicle.

Now available for EG, EK, and DC

Buddy Club rear camber arms coming soon!

DES SPEED Limited Edition BRIDE Driving Gloves

Only 100 made, the DES SPEED Limited Edition Bride Driving Gloves are perfect for track enthusiasts. Available in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes.

Features the following:
– water repellant sheep skin used for the grip.
– wrinkle free.
– outer stitching for extra comfort inside the glove.
– ultra thin padding is used to absorb vibrations from the steering wheel.
– extra protection is added to the thumb and index finger for added durability.

Only $69 through our online store. While supplies last.

Volk White Time Attack

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Rays Engineering has unveiled their limited edition CE28N “J” Time Attack in honor of Honda’s Type R series of vehicles. The wheels come in championship white with a red stripe detailed on the lip. Applications are available for the following cars: Integra, Civic, Fit, RSX, NSX, and S2000.

We are taking pre-orders now, so please call us for pricing (909)468-5552!