Closer Look | Defi Smart Adapter for iOS / Android, Multi Gauge Display

We have taken a closer look into what the new Defi Smart Adapter W is capable of. There are two Smart Adapters available for order. For connection to just the Advance Control Unit (PN# DF14501), you can transmit data from your iOS / Android device through the unit sensors without connecting it to the OBDII port. The Smart Adapter we tested acquires information by the OBDII port and a 12V power outlet (PN# DF14502), which is a more affordable option.

For an iOS / Android device, the Defi Meter C app (free and available for download in the Apple Store or Google play store) is needed to display the analog gauges and meters on the screen. This allows you to connect the Defi Smart Adapter to your smartphone / tablet via Bluetooth. Once connected, there are two screens(main gauge mode and time measurement mode) to slide through that allows you to choose up to four different multi-display gauges, as well as a four numerical meters on the side. In the top right hand corner, there is a connection and battery icon. By touching each analog meter gauges, you can choose which gauge types you want to view.

The display data for the OBDII port allows you up display speed, tachometer, boost, intake air/manifold temperature, water temperature, and throttle calibration. It also has the ability to display your transmission gear position with each shift. With the Advance Control Unit, there is the extra option to display oil pressure, fuel pressure, and oil temperature. In the time measurement mode, you can easily collect data such as 0-60 times and it records it in the data management tab, where you can easily view, delete, and even share your data.

The Defi Smart Adapter also lets you customize the functions quite freely, allowing you to display different measurements of units such as mph or km/h, PSI or kPa, and temperature units. Some other nifty functions include setting up a “warm up display” option which allows you to manually type in the set temperature you want to monitor for water and oil before you drive off. Another function is an OBDII warning value, to keep your gauges in check by setting a limit to each (tach, boost, throttle, water temp).

For the display screen itself, there is a fully functional color picker to change the display gauge itself and a head-up display option.

The Defi Smart Adapter W is a great option for those who want a fully functional, plug and play multi-display gauge without having the hassle of installing any extra wires and to also achieve a cleaner look in the interior with less gauges.

If you are unsure if the Defi Smart Adapter is compatible with your device or vehicle, please feel free to call the shop for any questions!

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GT-R x Motul Service Package Special

Evasive Motorsports is now offering a Motul Service Package special for all local SoCal GT-R owners!

This includes:
Motul Synthetic Competition 300V Oil 0W40
Motul Gear Competition 75W140
Motul Multi DCTF

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment!
PH: 626.336.3400, Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm PST


Evasive FR-S Testing, Buttonwillow CW13 – 1:49.6

During recent testing of the Evasive Pikes Peak FR-S, we managed to set the fastest FR-S / BRZ time at Buttonwillow CW13. We de-tuned the HKS Supercharger to 360whp as we are still on factory Subaru Legacy rods in our backup engine. Evasive Motorsports driver Robert Walker, laid down a 1:49.6 lap despite being down on power and being overweight.

Our philosophy has always been that the balance of power, aero, and suspension tuning can do the most for a race car. This is only our 1st time testing at Buttonwillow with the Pikes setup we had for the Colorado race. Stay tuned to see what we have in store for 2014!

A Peek Inside Wind Tunnel Testing with Voltex

Many enthusiasts wonder what’s involved with aero design. Does it just look cool and is a design really functional? Voltex of Japan takes it pretty seriously. If they don’t believe a aero piece performs correctly, they’ll revise a design until they achieve the desired results. Voltex’s methods may seem meticulous, but it’s put them at the top of the list when anyone thinks of aero design in the tuning world.

Here are some photos from a wind tunnel testing day with Voltex.

The Voltex + Sun Auto EVO, a.k.a. “Cyber EVO”, is hoisted to a platform centered to the wind tunnel.

Much preparation is done to before actual testing. This includes attaching string to the entire body of the car including the underpanel. This aids in examining the direction of air flow around the vehicle.

Here’s a view down the wind tunnel pathway.

Mr. Nakajima, owner and founder of Voltex, examines the SPL canards before testing.

Here’s the staff making sure that all electronics are correctly calibrated to give precise measurements.

Staff member standing by, getting ready to record the results.

Some of the electronics use to display and record readings.

Although geared for street applications, the Voltex Type 1S wing is also wind tunnel tested for performance.

CFD for Voltex wings are conducted with the help of the local university.

Evasive Motorsports, official pre-tech station for SpeedTrialUSA

Evasive Motorsports is now an official pre-tech station for SpeedTrialUSA. If you’re participating at any of their road racing events, give us a call to schedule a pre-tech appointment before attending the event. Best of all, pre-tech inspection is free of charge. If done at the track on the day of the event, it’s $20 at the event. Tech inspection is mandatory before getting your car on the track, so it’s best to do it ahead of time. We will also be able to make any recommendations on your current setup and can provide wheel alignments and cornerbalancing if needed.

For a list of upcoming SpeedTrialUSA events, please visit

A little background on Voltex Racing

For those that haven’t heard of Voltex, it’s a specialty aero parts company started in 2003, located in Suzuka, Japan (conveniently near the circuit!). Nakajima, the Voltex founder, is very experienced in aerodynamic design and engineering. He has worked for various racing teams in Japan where he made composite body parts for F-3 and Formula Japan racecars.

He has also worked in UK where he was an engineer for CROSBY GRP. The CROSBY GRP provides services for F1 and WRC and has worked with drivers such as Jean Alesi.

Aside from the aero kit outfitted on the Sun Auto Cyber EVO, Voltex may be most famous for their carbon GT wings. Voltex currently has over 10 customizable designs. Practically any vehicle application and usage type can be applied to and benefit from a Voltex GT wing. Voltex GT wings are crafted to meet the Super Taikyu “Endurance” regulations, and about 50% of race cars in Class 4 uses Voltex wings for Super Taikyu Series.

Evasive Motorsports is an authorized distributor of Voltex products in the U.S. We also have an Evasive exclusive s2000 aero kit, designed by Voltex coming out later this year. Evasive Motorsports competes in time attack events, and all our project vehicles utilize Voltex aero from GT Wings, Full Aero Kits, Carnards, and Difffusers. Voltex aero keeps all our cars planted well around the turns and corners during competition.

If you have any questions regarding Voltex products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Voltex Type V GT Wing pictured on the Evasive Time Attack EVO:

Mike with Nakajima-san after a Time Attack event:

Kel’s Garage Spec S2000 Track Bumper

Here at Evasive, we are always looking to modify existing parts to improve lap times. Here is what started off as an Amuse bumper. It’s been cut in half and lowered 20mm with a custom 1 piece splitter molded in place. The 2 piece design allows the bottom section to be mounted on the chassis, increasing its aero efficiency. A custom duct has also been put in place to allow direct cold air to a J’s Racing snorkel. All work is done in house. Give us a call if you would like any custom modifications done.

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TEIN Evasive SPEC SR-C Coilovers for the S2000

In conjuction with TEIN, Evasive Motorsports is proud to present the Evasive SPEC TEIN Series for track enthusiasts. TEIN has customized these parts with specifications by Evasive Motorsports. These specifications are the result of continuous testing by Evasive Motorsports on the race track. The final products presented here are optimized for road racing. We only work with the best to bring you the best!

The Evasive SPEC version of the TEIN SR-C includes both smaller base valve and corresponding smaller diameter shims. All other aspects of the damper remain the same as an off the shelf SR-C kit. Why was this set-up created?

In both base valves (normal and small) there is a bypass. This bypass controls oil flow at low speed damping. (Slow Speed Damping is most related to initial steering response). The bypass valve is smaller on the TEIN Evasive SPEC SR-C, increasing the ability to control the oil flow, and the damping force is greater at slow piston speed than a normal base valve spec coilover. This results in improved initial steering response, which can easily be felt on turn-in.

The smaller shims allow for quicker damping force (DF) response with its reduced diameter. The faster DF response means quicker steering response, quicker transition from compression to rebound and vice versa… allowing the damper to react more quickly to any type of movement.

Smaller shims also have a greater range of motion in terms of bending. This allows for more oil control at low speed damping. The larger shims have more of an on/off type movement at low speed damping.

Although the price is higher than the regular SR-C, there’s been extensive time and work from both TEIN and Evasive to develop these. If you’re serious about the track, you will definitely not be dissappointed.

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