The EVS2-V4 Honda S2000 with Voltex Circuit Version III Body Kit

We present the latest chapter in the Evasive S2000 Tuning Program: The EVS2-V4 S2000. The EVS2-V4 S2000 is the most recent iteration of our track oriented Honda S2000 featuring the newest Voltex Circuit Version III Aero Wide Body Kit. Recently revealed at SEMA 2018, the Wide Body kit is a complete track oriented aerodynamic solution, which includes widened aero for the car from front to back. Be on the lookout for extensive track testing which is set to start in early 2019.


Featured Parts:
– Voltex Circuit Version III Aero Wide Body Kit
o Front Bumper with Front Underwing Splitter (Carbon Infusion)
o Hood (Carbon Infusion)
o Front Fender Side Panels (Carbon Infusion)
o Rear Fender
o Side Under Panels (L&R Carbon Infusion)
o Center Panel (Carbon Infusion)
o Rear Diffuser (Carbon Infusion)
o Rear Wing Type 13 2000mm (Carbon Infusion)
o Chassis Mount Wing Bracket
– Toda Racing 2350KIT 2.35L Stroker Kit
o High-Compression Pistons
o Forged I-Beam Connecting Rods
o Well Balanced Crankshaft (99.0mm Stroke)
– HKS GT8550 Superchager Kit
– OS Giken OS-FR7 7 Speed Sequential Dogbox Transmission
– Moton Motorsports Dampers
– Koyo Radiators
– And much much more!

The kit is available for purchase: Click to Order

WedsSport TC105X Wheels

gallery_l_tc105x_2 wedssporttc105nx_fface_675x675

The TC105X is an evolution from WedsSports flagship model, the TC105N. Like its predecessor, the TC105X has played a major R&D role in Japan’s SuperGT racing series to develop a strong and lightweight wheel. For 2018, the TC105X has gone through some minor changes to the design to increase rigidity while keeping the costs low, making it an ideal choice for car enthusiasts.

What are the primary differences between the TC105N and the NEW TC105X?

Ball-Milling Side Cut: Increases spoke rigidity and strength while reduce weight.
N-Frame V.2: Reinforces spoke window and increase strength and rigidity.
Increased Hub Mass: Increases overall load capacity, rigidity and strength for better steering response.
New Barrel Profile: Allows installation of larger brake system. It also improves overall strength and high speed stability.
VDA Painting Process: Vaccum Disposition Aluminum paint (Industry first) – Reduces heat build up, much smoother paint property than standard paint resulting in less brake dust buildup and create an iridescent color under different lighting angle.
Thicker Rim Flange: TC105X has thicker rim flange which increase the durability and strength without increasing the overall weight of the wheel.
Bead Seat Knurling: The Knurling on the TC105X is more pronounce than before. This helps keeps the tires from spinning on the rim which cause off-balance of rim and tire.
Multiple Face Type: Depending on size and specs, TC105X have different face type to accommodate various brake systems.

Available in 17 inch and 18 inch sizing.

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HKS SSQV4 Blow Off Valve for the Honda Civic Type R FK8 17+

HKS-71008-AH009 HKS-71008-AH009-3

The Super SQVIV increases sound presence and improves the engine bay appearance of the Honda Civic Type R FK8. A buff polished casting pipe is included with the kit to match the HKS Intercooler Piping Kit as well as dressing up the engine bay as well.

HKS Super SQV (Sequential Blow Off Valve) uses a unique sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system, which allows for a broad operating range from low boost to high boost. Its Pull-Type relief design ensures stable operation regardless of the amount of boost pressure. This Super SQV maximizes the charge-response that repeats pressure-charging and pressurized air relief by throttle on and off.

The Super SQVIV kit for the Honda Civic Type R FK8 will ensure the blow off valve sound is heard and also makes the car more fun to drive.

Scheduled for Release in the USA November 2017.

Order yours today: HKS SSQV4 Blow Off Valve – Honda Civic Type R FK8 17+

Volk Racing TE37 SAGA Time Attack Edition Wheel


The TE37 SAGA Time Attack Edition is here! This limited production model makes its mark this autumn following the great feedback received from the ZE40 model the past year. This color features a simple Matt Black color and original technology REDOT (machining and painting technology). Logo machining points carried throughout with size variations available in 17 and 18 inch applications. This model includes the RED air valve and center caps are available to purchase separately. This Made in House, Made in Japan, Forged One Piece Mono block wheel starts delivery from November, 2018.

Click Here to View Available Sizing / Order: Volk TE37 Saga Wheels

Ignition Projects – IP Coil Pack Sets


The IP Coils are ignition coils with a high power amplifier built in to it. The IP Coils produce 4 times more spark energy than stock coils and also generate an ultra-fast multi spark discharge of 10 sparks up to the highest RPM. The spark amperage is increased 100%, allowing the spark to reach many more molecules and therefore accelerate the ignition and combustion process. This is extremely important in forced induction applications but also improves the performance of normally aspirated engines.

Handmade in the USA

Every Ignition Projects product is handmade in Tustin, California. Production is overseen by their lead engineer from Japan, and although this is more work and higher cost, it’s important to guarantee customers get the highest level of results.

IP Patented Technology

Ignition Projects Products Utilized US Patented Technology to provide the next level of performance for your vehicle. Ignition Projects proprietary technology was designed developed by our team of engineers to innovate the best new ignition technology.

Two Time Quality Inspection on Every Product

Providing the highest level of performance to every single user. Ignition Projects tests every product twice with industrial grade electronic testing equipment including an in depth oscilloscope reading. Ignition Projects checks the product once during production and then one more time before final packaging, providing customers with a double layer of quality control.

Professional Race Team Research & Development

Ignition Projects sponsors Top Tier Professional Race Teams in Circuit Racing, Road Racing and Drifting to conduct research and development. Products are designed to perform, so getting feedback and data from sponsored teams help to advance Ignition Technology.
These Ignition Projects are available for many applications and are sold in sets with the number of coil packs required to replace the factory coil packs. Upgrade your coil packs today

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