The Voltex S2000 aerokit prototype has arrived!

We’ve just received the Voltex S2000 aerokit prototype! After months of design and production, the quality of the craftsmanship is no less than what we expected.

The front bumper is automatically the most eye-catching piece. The bumper is 3 piece with the top half in FRP and a bottom half lip in carbon fiber. A carbon fiber splitter / undertray extends beneath the bumper to improve aerodynamics. The side skirts sport the signature Voltex ducts and extend from the front to back.

The carbon rear diffuser is very impressive. We had no idea Voltex would be making it as long as they did. It fully extends beneath where the s2000 exhaust piping splits. A heat shield pads this area as well.

We’ll be debuting and testing this kit on one of our S2000’s at the next Super Lap Battle. After the event, we’ll provide feedback to Voltex to make modifications if necessary. We’re almost sure they’ll be minor if any by looking at the parts. We should have the kit available to the public very soon, so stay tuned!

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