The technology behind Swift Springs

Swift Springs was found in 1997 in Tokyo, Japan as a motorsports subdivision of Tokyo Hatsujo Manufacturing Co, Ltd. which has been leading in spring technology since 1924. They’ve just started making a name for themselves in the states and there have been no complaints from our customers yet. That’s why we recommend Swift made springs whether for a simple lowering spring upgrade or a custom coil-over spring application.

The following videos demonstrate the difference between typical lowering springs vs. Swift springs.

Typical lowering spring setup (non-Swift):

Notice how the coils bind every now and then during travel. This can create additional wear and damage to your suspension. Not to mention, it can mess up your track times.

Swift Springs on oval dirt track:

Swift Springs on oval paved track:

Watch the amount of stroke. No binding either. The big shock clearance also minimizes the chance of any contact between the springs and shock even under the harshest race conditions.

H5S.TW – Motorsports most advanced spring material
Swift Springs R&D created H5S.TW, which is a material stronger than regular silicone and chrome. This allows them to make the spring wire thinner. In turn, their springs need fewer coils which dramatically increases available stroke while decreasing weight significantly.

Durability Graph

Weight Comparison Graph

Super linear rate characteristics
Unlike other spring manufacturers who test and optimize stroke at different rates on their springs, Swift tests the spring rate through the entire stroke to provide the optimal rate.

Swift springs are within 3% of the spring rate from 20-30% of the stroke all the way to about 80% of the stroke. (the average stroke range for most road race motorsports)

The entire line of Swift Springs and products is available through Evasive Motorsports. We also proudly use Swift Springs on our own project vehicles.

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Swift SPEC-R Sport Springs

Swift SPEC-R Sport Springs

Swift Springs proudly introduces their SPEC-R Sport Spring series.  Offering a more aggressive spring rate than the Sport Mach line, the SPEC-R series is perfect for enthusiasts who want that extra stiffness around the corners.  They also come coated in a stylish metallic blue.

Now available for the Mitsubishi EVO VIII / IX, Nissan 350Z, and Subaru WRX, STi.

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Best Motoring Vol. 21 – Civic Type R Returns

They can’t be serious… can they???
See how the NEW Civic Type R compares to the NSX-R and Integra Type R (DC5) in the latest installment of Best Motoring.   Gotta see it to believe it.  Here’s a preview:

Also features the following exciting segments:
Civic Type R Returns
Suzuka Time Attack by Tsuichiya
Tsukuba Battle & MUCH MORE!
Touge GP300
SPOON EK9 Civic, Yashio Factory 350Z, Drivin’ Magic DC5, J’s Racing S2000, Amuse S2300 GT-1
Drift Off 2
Ken Gushi & Tanner Foust challenge Keiichi Tsuchiya & Yasuyuki Kazama!
Hasselgren AE86, Ford Shelby GT500
Ferrari 599 Unleashed
Ferrari 599, Lamborghini Gallardo

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Buddy Club P-1 Racing Camber Kit

The Buddy Club P1-RACING Camber Kit is specially designed for double-A suspension. Sophisticated design makes alignment more accurate. With the camber angle adjustment, the car will be more stable on the straight and has better control in the corner. The camber kit is made of light weight high strength materials with precise manufacturing process. With many years of racing experience and numerous testing, the camber kit has extremely good performance and quality.

The center section of the general camber kit is the weakest area; it could easily be distorted when the locking screw is tightening too hard.

Buddy Club Camber kit use the special reinforced solid design which dramatically increase the strength of the camber kit.

By using low profile joint, the P1-racing camber kit provides 5mm more clearance between the top of the camber kit and bottom of the strut tower. The low profile joint also featires cadmium plating for additional corrosion resistance.

Standard camber kit does not have the reinforcement in the center area which can cause distortion when tightening the locking screw too hard or under severe stress. This may lead to accident or damage to other components on the vehicle.

Now available for EG, EK, and DC

Buddy Club rear camber arms coming soon!

DES SPEED Limited Edition BRIDE Driving Gloves

Only 100 made, the DES SPEED Limited Edition Bride Driving Gloves are perfect for track enthusiasts. Available in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes.

Features the following:
– water repellant sheep skin used for the grip.
– wrinkle free.
– outer stitching for extra comfort inside the glove.
– ultra thin padding is used to absorb vibrations from the steering wheel.
– extra protection is added to the thumb and index finger for added durability.

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