Honda Civic Type R on the Mustang Dyno

We recently had the new Honda Civic Type R (FK8) come in to get measurements for future parts development. Since we had it for the day, we decided to put her on our Mustang dyno for a power check. The car is completely stock and came straight from the dealer.

Our final numbers were 260whp and 253ft-lbs of torque. Keep in mind, Mustang dynometers generally read lower than other dynometers. From our experience with the Mustang dyno, power to the wheels will read about 15% lower than a car manufacturer’s published power numbers, most commonly measured at the crank. Therefore, we find that the results are in line with Honda’s horsepower rating of 306. See our dyno graph below.

NOTE: Boost was not measured during dyno run. Final numbers: 260whp / 253ft-lbs.

Overall, we’re pleasantly impressed with the car and are excited to see the Civic Type R come to the U.S. There’s been a lot of talk about the car, and we can’t wait to see it on the track! Keep visiting our site for future updates and all the new aftermarket parts currently in development.