Evasive Scion FR-S Testing at WSIR

This past weekend, the Evasive crew took out the Evasive Scion FR-S for testing and tuning at Willow Springs International Raceway for the upcoming event at Pikes Peak on June 30, 2013. Robert Walker a.k.a MaxRev ran a 1:29 at Big Willow.

Robert Walker and Kel analyzing data from the first session.

Putting work into our recently added custom ducting and aero.

Stay tuned for more results!

New HyperREV FT86 & BRZ hot off the press!

We just got our first shipment of HyperRev Volume 169, featuring the FT86 & BRZ. This is a must have bible for all Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ owners. With over 300 pages, this is actually the largest HyperRev ever published, and contains information on practically every aftermarket product available. At this time, print production has already been discontinued, so we recommend purchasing it while supplies last.

Click to order

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Evasive FR-S featured on Speedhunters!

It’s been a quick minute since we last did a blog post, as we’ve been working sleepless nights on our FR-S project build for Scion. It’s official debut will be at next week’s SEMA convention in Las Vegas. Fortunately, our good friend Sean Klingelhoefer of Speedhunters had a chance to come by and do a feature of the project before the event.

Thank you to our sponsors who have been part of this project: Maxxis Tires, HKS, Rays Engineering, Project Mu, Voltex, Tamon Design, Sparco, Cusco, Craftsquare, Kaaz, Koyo, Meguiar’s, Motul, Tint Factory.net. Also a big thanks to our friends and family, loyal customers and fans. We hope to bring this project to life at the track, and our ultimate goal for the FR-S, Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb!