Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2016 | Mackin Industries Scion FR-S

These last few months have been hectic as the Evasive team worked day and night to get the Mackin Industries Scion FR-S race-ready for Pikes Peak this coming Sunday, June 26th 2016. This will be our fourth year participating in the 12.42-mile race held in Colorado Springs, CO with Mackin Industries and GReddy. Rob Walker aka MaxRev will be piloting the Mackin Scion FR-S for this years race, making this his fourth race in the mountains. Last year the engine gave out towards the top, so this year we are coming back more prepared with more power and plenty of upgrades to the car which include 3.4L stroked 2JZ drive by wire, Garrett GTX4292R mated to a Samsonas sequential transmission, Advan GT’s wrapped in Yokohama tires, Wisefab Grip Kit, and more.

For more information on Pikes Peak, please visit www.ppihc.com.

Special Thanks: Scion Racing, Official TRD, Mackin Industries, GReddy Racing, Turn 14 Distribution, Advan, Yokohama Tire, Wisefab, KW suspensions, Sparco, APR Performance, Turbo By Garrett, Brian Crower, Project Mu USA, JE Pistons, Rocket Bunny by tra-kyoto, Design Craft Fabrication, Motec, TunedbyN8

Evasive Motorsports finishes Pikes Peak 2014

Here it is! Take a ride with Robert Walker as the Evasive FR-S makes the full run up Pikes Peak. Official time was 10:37.791 which puts us in 4th place in unlimited class. We were able to improve our previous time by over 22 seconds! Power level remains about the same as last year, most of the improvements came from gearbox, weight and tires. We hope to return again with more power next time around and hopefully get closer to that 9 minute mark!

Photos | Randy Ly & Philip Chase


Evasive FR-S Testing, Buttonwillow CW13 – 1:49.6

During recent testing of the Evasive Pikes Peak FR-S, we managed to set the fastest FR-S / BRZ time at Buttonwillow CW13. We de-tuned the HKS Supercharger to 360whp as we are still on factory Subaru Legacy rods in our backup engine. Evasive Motorsports driver Robert Walker, laid down a 1:49.6 lap despite being down on power and being overweight.

Our philosophy has always been that the balance of power, aero, and suspension tuning can do the most for a race car. This is only our 1st time testing at Buttonwillow with the Pikes setup we had for the Colorado race. Stay tuned to see what we have in store for 2014!

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2013

We’ve finally made it to Colorado this week for the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race. It’s been a great and exciting adventure so far. Being our first time competing at this event, we’re having to adapt quickly to the rigorous schedule involved preceding the actual competition this Sunday. Aside from qualifying yesterday, we’ve been getting up and hitting the mountain every morning at 2am for practice sessions. The altitude and climate change affects car’s performance quite a bit, something new to us but adjusting accordingly. Luckily we were able to backpack it with our good friends from the Rally xD and Greddy teams, part of the Scion Racing program and experienced Pikes Peak competitors.

Originally, we were in the Time Attack class, but during tech inspection, we were bumped into unlimited class for the aerodynamic modifications on our Scion FR-S. However, it doesn’t drastically affect our goal. We signed up for this competition to test our skills and be a part of a great experience where we can demonstrate the abilities of a well built and balanced vehicle. We are challenging ourselves as a team and the mountain.

Big hitters at this event are Sebastien Loeb’s and his Peugeot 208 and Rhys Millen’s and newly built Hyundai Genesis. Both sponsored by Red Bull, Sebastien is expected to set a new world record.

Watch the race live, streaming on Red Bull TV, Sunday, June 30 at 7AM CST.
Click here to go to the Red Bull TV website

We’d like to thank all of our sponsors for helping us during this project: Maxxis Tires, HKS, Rays Engineering, Project Mu, Voltex, Tamon Design, Sparco, Cusco, Craftsquare, Kaaz, Koyo, Meguiar’s, Motul, Tint Factory.net.

Here are some photos from this past week: