Evasive Motorsports Street Spec S2000, 1:55.43 CW13 at Buttonwillow Raceway

Robert Walker, a.k.a. MaxRev, took out his daily driven, Evasive built, Honda S2000 this past week to Buttonwillow Raceway. He accomplished an impressive lap time of 1:55.43. The car is running Maxxis RC1 tires, Evasive Spec Eibach R2 Multi-pro coilovers, EVS Tuning 70-SSP exhaust, Project Mu Club Racer brake pads, Voltex Street Aero, Volk RE30 Clubsport wheels, all on a factory spec NA motor.

New HyperREV S2000 hot off the press

We just got a shipment of the new HyperREV for S2000, volume 7. It features the Top Fuel, Voltex S2000 and the ASM S2000. Hyper Rev Volume Edition is a collection of vehicle specific performance upgrades for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) at that time period. Hyper Rev also features project vehicles from Japan’s Top Tuners, showcasing some of latest products that will be available for the performance aftermarket. Hyper Rev Volumes includes the latest in Body Styling, Interior Parts, Exterior Parts, Engine Parts, Exhaust Systems, Suspension Parts and Wheel Matching Guides. Makes a perfect gift for any S2000 enthusiasts.

**NOTE: All Text Written in Japanese.**

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Flourescent Yellow Weds Sport TC105N wheels on our Time Attack S2000

We’re preparing for the finals event of Super Lap Battle and have just mounted flourescent yellow Weds Sport TC105N wheels on our time attack S2000. Coming soon will be a Voltex update along with other minor upgrades. Going to try to beat our record time of 1:56.7 in street class at Buttonwillow Raceway. Check our video out below from last year.

Voltex Aero Development for S2000 Update

Voltex has started re-designing the aero kit for the Honda S2000. Nakajima-san, the founder of Voltex, has decided to make a street version (shown above) and also a circuit version (shown below) with more aggressive aerodynamics of the front splitter. Canards have also been added for more downforce with minimal drag. It’s been a long wait since the prototype was tested, but we’re excited to see the outcome of the final product. We’re sure it will be well worth it.

More updates to come! Stay tuned.