Work Emotion T7R 2-Piece – New for 2016!

The Emotion T7R 2P is a two-piece construction wheel that uses one of WORK Wheels’ most iconic designs. Center disk finishes include Matte Bronze (AHG), Gun Metal (MGM), White (WHT), and GT Silver (GTS). Standard barrel finish is anodized polished lip.

Optional barrel finishes are available in various anodized colors: Black Anodized or Bronze Anodized. These two options come in either glossy or matte anodized barrel finishes.

Available sizing includes 18″, 19″, and 20″. 18″/19″ is offered in Full Reverse/Ste Rim barrel and 20″ is Step Rim barrel. 19×7.5 through 19×11.0 (Full Reverse), and 20×8.0 through 20×11.5 (Step Rim). Brake clearance depends on the center disk chosen.

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WORK Wheels | New 2015 Line – Zeast & T7R

Work Wheels has added a new model and line to their collection, the Emotion T7R and Zeast. The T7R is now replacing the XT-9, which are now discontinued. It features the same 7-spoke design utilizing Work Flowforming Technology. This allows for weight reduction without sacrificing strength and rigidity. Comes in Matte Black, Matte Bronze, White, and GT Silver.

The new Zeast ST1 is a two piece construction wheel that features a 6-spoke design with a standard anodized machined lip. Optional barrel finishes are also available. Comes in Matte Black, Transparent Grey, and Brushed.

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WORK Emotion T7R
WORK Zeast ST1

WORK M.C.O Racing Type CS Wheels

Work Wheels just launched their newest addition of wheels called the M.C.O Racing Type CS. These are a one piece wheel that utilizes Work Flowforming Technology for a lighter and stronger wheel. This reduces the barrel thickness which also reduces the weight of the wheel without compromising strength. Please feel free to give us a call and we can help you find out which sizes will clear your big brake kit.

Also for a limited time only, a free set of Work RS or RS-Z lugnuts will be included with every purchase of M.C.O Racing wheels!

Available in White, Matte Black, and Red in sizes ranging from 18×8.0″ to 18×11″. Comes in three different face concavity- flat face, medium face, and deep concave face.

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Work Seeker CX | DX | FX

For the new 2014 year, Work Wheels has introduced a new lineup called the Work Seeker, which introduces some new fresh and classic designs for a variety of different cars. Each series comes with a step rim barrel and comes standard with anodized polished barrels. Each is uniquely designed to garner the attention of people who want a distinct look for their car.

The Work Seeker CX has a woven center disk with a classic mesh pattern while the Work Seeker DX is a retro-influenced style for those who want to have a full face design for their vehicle. The Work Seeker FX flaunts a more sportier fin-type design for that extra subtle look.

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