GReddy x Rocket Bunny Wide Body Kit for Nissan Z33 350Z

Evasive Motorsports is an authorized dealer for Greddy x Rocket Bunny wide body aero kits! GReddy is also proud to announce another exclusive release of the GReddy X Rocket Bunny Widebody Aero kit for the Nissan 350Z Z33 to the North American market. They will be available for pre-order on our website soon!

Endless 6-Pot Big Brake Kit for Z33

We just picked up an Endless 6-Pot Front and Rear Big Brake Kit for a customers Z33. The finish on the caliper is made of extremely high quality forged aluminum that is great for heat resistance and increased life. The rotor is a special carbon blend steel that is designed to decrease cracks during heat and capable of extracting the most out of your brake pads. The curves slits helps increase friction and maintains optimal brake pad conditions at all times. Both are finished in deep metallic red. Take a look at the detail on this big brake kit.

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